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Boy Incognito Galaxy Shot - Sharolyn Townsend Photography

Hey there, I'm Boy. I make layered, at times moody sample based instrumental hip hop. My first release, Collage in Stereo, was released in 2021. My latest release, a Beastie Boys remix album: Beastie X Boy - The Remixes From Way Out, is out now - check-ch-check-check-check it out!

Now living in Sonoma County, CA, I grew up outside of Boston listening to 90’s rap along with artists such as Beck, Portishead, and Beastie Boys. I later heard artists like RJD2, Blockhead, and DJ Shadow, and loved how they took the cut-and-paste aesthetic of early 90’s hip hop to new levels.

In this tradition, I like to find a mix of unrelated sound sources – e.g., a vocal sample from a folk song, drum hits from a funk track, a bassline from a rock song – then add some live instrumentation and weave everything together into something cohesive that hopefully sounds cool to you too.

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